NBA legend Chris Webber takes social activism to classroom

His passionate speech to America after the police shooting of Jacob Blake went viral following the Milwaukee Bucks’ decision to boycott their playoff game against the Orlando Magic on August 26, 2020. Now, NBA legend Chris Webber has taken his message to the virtual classroom.

Webber has teamed up with Morehouse College to lead “Activism in Sports and Culture,” an online course through on-demand streaming platform Coursera. The course is offered free to audit, or $49 for credits.

“I wanted to have a voice in here, ’cause I feel like we only have the same couple of voices talking during these times. So, it’s very important for me to come on here,” Webber said back in August to a nationally-televised audience. “I keep hearing the question like, ‘What’s next? What’s next?’ Well, you’ve got to plan what’s next. You have to figure out what’s next. I’m very proud of the players. I don’t know the next steps. I don’t really care what the next steps are, because the first steps are to garner attention. And they have everybody’s attention around the world right now. Then, leadership and others will get together and decide the next steps. So, we know it won’t end tomorrow. We know that there’s been a million marches, and nothing will change tomorrow.”

However, by taking his activism to the classroom, the five-time NBA All-Star will be a part of that change whenever it happens.

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